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Team Quality Services provides on-the-ground quality liaisons who represent part suppliers, at the OEM plant locations receiving those parts.

We offer many levels of coverage based on the variety and complexity of the parts involved. This website is designed to let you, the supplier, tell us about your products and about the manufacturing locations you serve, so that you can get a fully customized pricing estimate.

Start by Choosing a Location

First, locate a manufacturing facility that receives your parts. From the BROWSE BY LOCATION page, use the map to search for the correct location, or you can use the BROWSE BY OEM dropdown to view all available locations by manufacturer. Once you've found the correct location, click the Get Coverage button

TIP: Service level is calculated per service location, but you can add multiple locations to one estimate.

Calculate Service Level

Each location listing has a Calculate Level of Coverage button. Click this to tell us about the products you supply to this facility, and when you want our quality liaison to start representing your company there. Click the Calculate Hours button to see what we recommend, and click Add to Estimate once you've finished.

TIP: While we do our very best to accommodate your Preferred Start Date, dates cannot be guaranteed until signed agreement and purchase order are on file.

Review, Finish, and Send Us Your Estimate

Repeat the previous steps as desired until you have all locations added to your estimate. You can view your current locations any time by clicking the cart icon near the top right corner.

You will need to be registered and logged into our site at this point. Having an account allows you to either Save Estimate for Later, which keeps your choices saved in your account page, or you can continue to Submit for Processing. Complete the additional questions here, and use the Submit for Estimate button to send your choices to our team.

I Just Submitted an Estimate. What Happens Now?

Our dedicated Customer Service team will reach out to you within 1 business day to review your estimate and gather any outstanding information. They will prepare your account for our liaison, and provide you with a final start date.

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