Tesla - Fremont, CA

Tesla Fremont, CA opened in June 2012. Current production includes the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Tesla - Fremont, CA is available for service in increments of 5 hours

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Location Details

Plant Details

  • Opened in 2012
  • One of the largest manufacturing employers in California
  • 5.3 million square-foot facility

Products & Production

Current Product

  • Tesla
    • Model X
    • Model S
    • Model 3

Surrounding Sequencers

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  • CEVA San Jose
  • Tesla 901 Page Ave
  • Tesla Atlantis
  • Tesla Livermore
  • Tesla Discovery
Meet the Reps

Daryn Portis

JP Mariano

Mario Bijasa

Current Launches

No Current Launches Scheduled